Digitisation on Demand

Access rarely-seen hidden gems in IWM's collections with our on-demand digitisation service

IWM holds a vast and unique collection covering all aspects of conflict from the First World War to the present day. Despite digitisation being a major part of our collections’ management process, the media viewable online is only a fraction of the archive material in our care. 

In 2020, IWM initiated Digital Futures a five-year preservation project to digitise 1.8 million films, photographs and sound recordings of our most vulnerable media from the Cold War era. To facilitate requests outside of the approved programme and speed up the access to specific items in our collections, IWM offers a digitisation on demand service for commercial, private use and educational purposes.

Contact us to discuss new digitisation requirements and enquire about costs

Browse IWM Film and if media is not available on the object record, contact us to enquire about access and options for digitisation, providing the relevant reference number(s). Once the copyright status/availability for digitisation of the item(s) has been checked, the team will provide a quote for your consideration.

View our pricing guide. Format supplied: HD at 2K and 4K. We also offer a lower-resolution, IWM branded MP4 file which can be a cost-effective solution for a preview digital copy, as well as being suitable for non-commercial/domestic use.

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