Using This Website
What are the benefits of registering?

If registered you can:

  • - Create clips
  • - Download time-coded screeners
  • - Save clips/films in private or shared workspaces
  • - Use additional advanced search features
  • - Receive new content notifications

You do not need to register to search and view films.

How do I view records?

To view a record, simply click on the thumbnail or title for the record you wish to view.

How do I use the clipping tool?

When logged in:

  1. Click on the Create clip icon directly below the media player.
  2. Adjust the length of the clip by adjusting the ‘in and out’ edit points.
  3. You can name the clip by clicking on the title.
  4. Click the Add clip to collection button.

Please note: the clipping tool is not available on mobiles and tablets.

How do I save films and clips?

Complete films and clips can be saved in Your collections in Your Account.

To save complete media items select Add to collection from the menu on the right hand-side of the media player. To save a clip, click on Add clips to collection or More.

Under Your Account you will be able to manage your saved collections in Your collections.

Clips and/or full records can be dragged and dropped in Your collections under any given title – it is your personal workspace for collecting media and collaborating with colleagues.

You can either add the media items or clips to an existing collection or create a new one.

Once a collection has been created it can be viewed, shared edited or deleted.

To share a collection, click on the icon and make the collection Public or enter the email address of the person you wish to share it with. They will receive an email notification that you have shared the collection with them. If Public you can also just share the URL.

Any number of collections can be created and any number of clips and/or full records can be added to a collection, you can also rename each collection and add and save notes.

You can add items to Your collections directly from the search results by clicking on the on the item on research results page and selecting ‘add to collection’.

By default, all the collection you create are Private unless you make them Public.

Can I download screeners?

Screeners are low resolution .MP4 files with burnt-in timecode, film number and IWM logo for evaluation and review purposes only

Logged in users can download screeners from the Record Page by clicking Download screener on the right hand-side of the media player.

To download a low-res clip, click on Order clip for download or More. It will appear under Your orders in Your Account. Click on and select Download clip.

Searching for Films
How do I search?

To perform a simple search:

  1. Enter a search term into the search bar
  2. The results will be returned on a search results page
  3. Filter the results by selecting the options on the left side of the page.
  4. Use the Sort by drop down filter at the top of the page to display the results by date/relevancy/digitised
  5. Use the page numbers and the Next and Last links at the top and bottom of the page to browse more pages if more than one page of results is retrieved.

To perform a more advanced search:

  • • Use quotation marks " " to search for an exact phrase
  • • Use OR between words to find results where either word appears
  • • Use AND between words to find results where both appear in the same record
  • • Use NOT between words to find results within a single record
  • • See Advanced Search menu options available via the Search bar (for logged in users)

To save searches:

  1. Click on the icon at the top of the search results page.
  2. Give your saved search a title and click Save
  3. Access saved via the Search bar (for logged in users)
Can I access curated selections?

IWM curators have created thematically organised collections of clips to help with your research – please enter clip reel in the search bar to find these curated selections.

Supply and Licensing
Which film file formats can you supply?

Downloading of screeners from digitised content is free of charge. Register/login to download MP4 files with time-code, film number and IWM logo for evaluation and review purposes only.

HD and clean SD format film files can be requested and delivered via your IWM Film account, during standard UK working hours.

HD formats - H.264 or ProRes 422 LT as clean MOV-wrapped files 1920 x 1080 (pillarboxed) at native speed or 25fps.

Clean SD format - .MP4 files 720 x 540 (pillarboxed) at native speed or 25fps - for web use and other non-broadcast uses.

For all other film formats, please Contact Us for more details. Supply fees apply.

How do I order master clips and arrange a licence?

View our news page to see a short demo video of our HD supply clip service. If you have found the footage you are looking for, you can make enquiries via Your collections in Your Account which will be picked up by the film curators in the media licensing team.

1. Add clips to Your collections and click on the and select Enquire.

2. Fill out the Enquire form and click Submit.

3. A member of the Film Curator team will contact you about your request.

4. If ordering for a new production you be sent our Terms and Conditions to be signed and returned - on receipt of a signed copy of the document and payment of our supply fee the requested clips will appear in Your orders in Your Account ready to download.

5. If ordering for an ongoing production, the requested clips will be authorised and appear in Your orders in Your Account ready to download and you will be invoiced for the supply fee.

6. On completion of your edit please send a declaration of use. We will then invoice for the license fees and issue our Licence.
What are your licensing terms and conditions?
How does the pricing structure work?

Licence/supply fees vary depending upon the nature of the project and are based on the rights, territories and duration required. Discounts are also available for bulk use. View our rate card.

Can you supply film stills?

Yes. Please Contact Us with the relevant film numbers and time-codes with screengrabs. Film stills can be generated on request, either via our website or technicians depending on end-use requirement.

How can I access copies of films that are not yet digitised and viewable online?

Films with media not currently available are either not yet digitised, or not available online for copyright reasons.

For films not yet digitised we offer a Digitisation on Demand service. We can also supply low-res screeners for viewing/review purposes. Please Contact Us with the relevant film numbers for more details

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We invoice and payment can be made by credit card (except Amex) or BACS bank payment.