HD clip supply

7th September 2021

IWM Film website upgrade: self-selection and authorised download of HD clips

IWM now offers an enhanced workflow for archive producers and researchers ordering Master copies for their productions.

Registered users can select HD and SD clips and request direct downloads from IWM Film for commercial projects.  

• Over 1,000 hours available in HD
• Faster access to HD clips for commercial use
• Self-selection of clips using our clipping tool
• Exceptional resolution and picture quality
• Choice of file formats and frame rates to meet your production needs

View our FAQ page for more information on using the IWM Film website and download our user guide

Please note: HD and SD clips can be requested and delivered via your IWM Film account during standard UK working hours, following payment of supply/licensng fees and signing our terms and conditions. 

We value your feedback!

The IWM Film Curator team is available for any questions regarding our HD clip offer, licence and supply fees, or advice about the IWM film collection. If you would like to request a demo or have suggestions to improve our service, please contact us. 

Register free of charge to have the ability to:

• Download low-resolution clips (screeners) to use in offline edits, pitches, etc.
• Save clips/films in workspaces (collections) for easy viewing and sharing with colleagues
• Use our enquiry form to list your requirements for the purchase and license of HD clips  
• Utilise additional advanced search features and new content notifications