Curator's Choice: D-Day

Clip © IWM A70 31-2. LANDINGS ON 'SWORD' BEACH, 6 JUNE 1944

Curator Fiona Kelly highlights a clip in the IWM film collections for D-Day 

Operation Overlord was the codename given to the largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare. This dramatic piece of film shows Lord Lovat’s Commandos disembarking from their landing craft at Sword Beach on D-Day.

The historic footage was shot by cameraman Sergeant Ian Grant of the Army Film and Photographic Unit (AFPU). Film and photographs shot by the AFPU form the major part of the IWM’s Second World War collection. 

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IWM holds a wealth of official films of D-Day shot by the British Army Film and Photographic Unit, RAF Film Production Unit, and Admiralty cameramen. Registered users of IWM Film can access themed clip collections, create clips, and download time-coded screeners. 

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