Licensing Projects 2023

30th November 2023

Trailer for 'World War II: From The Frontlines' on Netflix

Footage, audio and images licensed from the IWM collections has appeared in many notable projects this year. Here are a few highlights:

Television / Streaming 

World War II: From The Frontlines.  Produced by 72 Films. Netflix.

Through vividly enhanced archival footage and voices from all sides of the conflict, the docu-series narrated by BAFTA winner John Boyega explores the Second World War's definitive moments.  We are delighted to be a major archive resource for this production which premieres globally on Netflix this December. USPs included access to master material and specialist knowledge by IWM curators with years of experience providing a high level of service to production companies. 

Vicky McClure My Grandad’s War ITV1

Vicky McClure: My Grandad's War. Produced by North One. ITVX.

rise of nazis

Rise of the Nazis: Series 4 - The Manhunt. Produced by 72 Films. BBC iPlayer.


Charles R: The Making of a Monarch. Produced by BBC Studios. BBC iPlayer.

Secret Weapons of World War II. Produced by WildBear Entertainment in association with RTL, Viasat and ZDF Studios. 

Union with David Olusoga. Produced by Wall to Wall. BBC iPlayer.

Mad About the Boy: The Noël Coward Story. Producers: Barnaby Thompson, Gregor Cameron. 

Commemorative Coins and Stamps


The Official RAF Dambusters 80th Anniversary Coin Set. Bradford Exchange.

The Battle of El Alamein Prestige Booklet.  The Isle of Man Post Office released a set of stamps honouring the Manx regiment who fought in Battle of El Alamein. Displayed on the front cover of the presentation pack is General Bernard Montgomery. Image: © IWM E 18980 


The Indian Army at the Palace | Hampton Court Palace

Wolf's Lair, KÄ™trzyn, Poland.  The former headquarters of Adolf Hitler's “Wolfsschanze” is in a Polish forest. Since the fall of Communism in the early 1990s, it has been developed as a visitor attraction. Renovations in 2023 have included expanding historical exhibition spaces. 


Cambridge University Press                                                        Osprey Publishing                                        
Cover image © IWM TR 2561                                                      Cover image © IWM H 9023        

Quercus Editions Ltd                                                            Osprey Publishing                                       
Cover image © IWM H 6569                                                Cover image © IWM E 18642

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