Meet the Image and Film Licensing Team

14th December 2023

Contact us for high quality reproductions from IWM's unique collections, including photography, footage and oral history recordings, alongside research help and advice to support your licensing needs. Within the department we have film and image/sound licensing specialists.

Fiona Kelly
Senior Curator, Film

Fiona has worked with the film collection at IWM since 2007, originally as a cataloguer, and has previous experience in commercial film archives. Her particular areas of expertise are the films shot by the Army Film and Photographic Unit and the role and representation of women in IWM films. Fiona deals with licensing for film and television productions and related curatorial research. 

Charlotte Ross
Assistant Curator, Film 

Charlotte joined IWM's licensing team as Assistant Curator in October 2023 and primarily handles enquiries about the film collection from media professionals in film and television production.  Originally coming from a legal background, Charlotte is currently completing her MA in Film Programming & Curating. She has a particular interest in documentary and curatorial ethics. 

Evangeline Rouse
Licensing Executive, Film

Evangeline joined IWM’s licensing department in October 2023 after graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in the History of Design. Evangeline predominantly responds to requests from museums/cultural sector requiring content for exhibitions, as well as private individuals and research enquries. Her interests include female film makers and amateur filmmaking, as well as the accessibility of archives.

Jane Fish
Senior Curator, Film

Jane has extensive knowledge of our film collection and considerable experience of dealing with the needs of commercial users, gained by decades of working at IWM. She also has a specialist interest in amateur films and in original documentation relating to our film holdings. Now working part-time, Jane remains available to deal with complex enquiries, non-urgent requests and to advise on the content and context of the IWM film collection. 



Dave McCall
Senior Licensing Executive (Images & Sound)

Dave joined IWM's licensing department in 2019 and has over 25 years’ industry experience, including Shutterstock, the Press Association, and the BFI. Dave fields requests from customers requesting images and sound files for their projects and manages a team.

The Image & Sound team primarily work with the publishing, broadcasting, and museum/cultural industry sectors but also liaise with our Customer Services department to faciliate personal use requests,  where in most cases there is a family/armed forces connection. 


Andrew Webb
Licensing Executive (Images & Sound)

Andrew joined IWM’s licensing department in 2019 and has over 20 years' experience working with archives, including the Kobal Collection and the Art Archive. He has also worked as a picture researcher on a wide variety of book and magazine projects, often concerning military history. His role in the department is mainly dealing with publishing requests but also those from the cultural sector, including museums for exhibitions. 


Cian Martin
Licensing Executive (Images & Sound)

Cian is our newest member of the team and is looking forward to helping researchers with their enquiries and orders regarding images and sound in the IWM collections. With a history degree and account management experience, Cian is enthusiastic about embracing new challenges and leveraging his skills in the heritage sector, delivering excellent customer service.                                                                  

Annabel O'Connor-Fenton  
Head of Image & Film Licensing 

Annabel is head of the department and part of the Commercial Leadership Team. Annabel first joined IWM in 2017 following several years in the licensing industry, most notably managing the marketing for art and history media specialists Bridgeman Images. As well as developing and implementing operational policies and growth strategies to modernise and develop our licensing business, Annabel oversees the team and manages the IWM Film website and Licensing eNews. Please subscribe for topical archive highlights and licensing case studies.  

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From new digitisation via our visual resources department to rights checking by specialist curators, there are are a myriad of experts behind the scenes dedicated to making IWM’s Collections accessible to our customer base of archive researchers and media professionals. 

Contact us to request HD clips, images and sound files for your project. Every licence supports IWM, a not-for-profit charity.