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21st July 2020

VJ Day Celebrations, 1945

VJ Celebrations caught on film. Watch our showreel
20th June 2020

Curator's Choice: The Blitz

Senior Film Curator Jane Fish highlights footage of London under fire
6th May 2020

Archive in Action: VE Day 2020 Commemorations

VE Day programming featuring IWM licensed content
24th April 2020

Bringing in the Harvest

British government public information films encouraging volunteers to take a 'holiday' on a farm.
20th April 2020

Inspiration for the nation: your morning exercise routine

Joe Wicks 1940s style PT workout
23rd January 2020

Victory! The End of the War in Europe

VE Day Celebrations in London caught on film - watch our show-reel
13th January 2020

Curator's Choice: Salvage Saves Shipping

Senior Film Curator Jane Fish's archive highlight for January is an animated short about recycling
11th December 2019

Post Early this Christmas

The Ministry of Information recognized the capacity of animated films to entertain as well as educate in wartime Britain
6th November 2019

Curator's Choice: Undercover in Norway

Film Curator Fiona Kelly highlights an amateur film featured in the BBC series Lost Films of World War II
7th October 2019

IWM films air nationally for first time on Talking Pictures TV

Rarely seen wartime era films to air nationally for the first time on Talking Pictures TV