Bringing in the Harvest

24th April 2020

© IWM UKY 405. Clip from The Great Harvest,1942 

British Wartime Land Army Public Information Films

As a result of coronavirus, UK farms are currently experiencing a shortage of seasonal labour. The need to mobilise the British workforce to help out with fruit and vegetable picking isn't the first time leaders have asked the country to lend a hand in this area.

During the Second World War many agricultural workers were conscripted into military service and the government commissioned public information films encouraging volunteers to help with the harvest. Most will have heard of the Women's Land Army but Harvest Camps are less well-known. Volunteers went for a week or more at a time and it could be an enjoyable break as much of the coast was out of bounds. 

© IWM UKY 459. Clip from Worker and War-Front Magazine, Issue No 10 

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