November 1918: War is Over!

7th May 2018

Commemorate the end of the First World War with unique footage from IWM's collection

This November sees the centenary of the end of The First World War. Scenes of cheering crowds in London on Armistice Day is just one of the sequences in our showreel to demonstrate the range of archive footage available via IWM Film. The consequences of war are also conveyed with amputee soldiers, a temporary cemetery in France, the ceremonial return of the Unknown Warrior and the unveiling of the Cenotaph.

Showreel sequences

Section 1. Armistice Day - scenes in the Charing Cross area of central London, 11th November 1918. Film IWM 505 

Section 2. Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, walks through cheering crowds and is driven off by car,  11th November 1918. Film IWM 664a

Section 3. Refugees returning to their home towns, probably the Le Cateau road, Western Front, 11th-18th November 1918. Film IWM 367  

Section 4. Amputee soldiers at the Army rehabilitation centre at Roehampton (Autumn 1917) Film IWM 1098  

Section 5. A temporary British cemetery in France, possibly Thelus. Film IWM 505 

Section 6. The coffin of the Unknown Warrior carried along the dockside at Dover, 10 November 1920. Film IWM 505 

Section 7. King George V lays a wreath on the coffin of the Unknown Soldier and unveils the Cenotaph, 11 November 1920. Film IWM 505

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