The Dambusters with Dan Snow

28th May 2018

Discover how Barnes Wallis’ scientific invention helped change the course of the Second World War

IWM licensed bouncing bomb footage for ‘The Dam Busters With Dan Snow’ at the Royal Albert Hall on 17th May - exactly 75 years to the day since the DamBusters Raid.

The commemorative evening paid tribute to Wing Commander Guy Gibson and his comrades of the legendary 617 Squadron, culminating with a screening of the recently restored 1955 film “The Dam Busters” on a 40 ft screen, in addition to being streamed to more than 300 cinemas across the UK. As well as licensing tests of the bouncing bomb codenamed "Upkeep" a clip was also shown of Guy Gibson off duty

One of the Royal Air Force's most daring operations of the Second World War, in 1943 Guy Gibson led 617 Squadron’s (later called the Dambusters) attack on the Ruhr dams in Germany, using a purpose-built 'bouncing bomb' developed by Barnes Wallis.