Licensing Projects 2022

5th December 2022
Licensing Projects 2022

Footage and images licensed from the IWM collections have appeared in many notable projects this year.  Here are a few highlights:


Our Falklands War: A Frontline Story   Produced by The Garden Productions. BBC iPlayer.

My Grandparents’ War. Series 2 - all episodes.  Produced by Wonderhood Studios.  Channel 4.

World War II: Secrets from Above. Produced by Windfall Films. National Geographic.

© IWM E 21338. Colonel David Stirling, founder of the Special Air Service, with a SAS jeep patrol in North Africa, 18 January 1943.

SAS: Rogue Heroes  Produced by Kudos. BBC iPlayer.

The Crown - Series 5. Netflix. 

Art That Made Us (episode 7).  Produced by ClearStory. BBC iPlayer.

© IWM HU 102366. The decontamination of Gruinard Island, 1986. Porton Down official photographer.

The Mystery of Anthrax Island.  Produced by Indelible Telly. BBC iPlayer.

Feature-length Films

Benediction. Director: Terence Davies.
Production companies: Emu Films; BBC Film; British Film Institute; M.Y.R.A. Entertainment; LipSync; Creative England.

© IWM TR 1128. The Dambusters squadron, 1943.

Lancaster. Director: David Fairhead and Ant Palmer.
Production companies: Haviland Digital, Trevor Beattie Films, British Film Company.

© IWM Art.IWM ART LD 283. HMS Glorious in the Arctic, 1940 by Eric Ravilious.

Eric Ravilious - Drawn to War. Produced by Foxtrot Films.

Publishing/Print Media


© IWM TR 2835. Princess Elizabeth in the ATS, 1945.


Revolusi! The Rijksmuseum.

The Intelligence Factory  Bletchley Park.

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