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8th October 2018

In Conversation with Helen Upcraft, IWM Short Film Festival Director

5 days, 10 programmes, 28 films. The IWM Short Film Festival returns to London on 25-29 October
1st August 2018

Archive in the Movies

Footage and images from the IWM archive has been licensed for several 2017-18 major films including The Darkest Hour and Spitfire.
29th July 2018

New in the Archive: Rare First World War Film of Munitions Workers

Originally filmed by the War Office in 1917 to show the daily lives of munitions workers, the Kodak film was in a terrible state when it was found in a shed four years ago.
28th May 2018

The Dambusters with Dan Snow

A gala screening on the 75th anniversary included bouncing bomb test footage from IWM
7th May 2018

Remembrance Day: Archive highlights

IWM holds one of the finest and extensive First World War archives in the world
26th April 2018

Curator's choice: Britain at War

IWM's Senior Curator – Film reveals her archive highlight
13th February 2018

Introducing the new IWM Film website

Registered users can save selections, create clips and download time-coded screeners