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29th January 2024

Female filmmakers of the Second World War

Exploring the techniques and approaches pioneered by female filmmakers in wartime
14th December 2023

Meet the Image and Film Licensing Team

Contact us for high quality reproductions from IWM's unique collections
4th December 2023

Curator's Choice: Christmas Under Fire

Christmas Day  during the Blitz
30th November 2023

Licensing Projects 2023

IWM's archive has been used in feature films, TV, exhibitions, and more.
23rd October 2023

On National Service

Is this the earliest known surviving appearance of Michael Caine on screen?
18th October 2023

Curator's Choice: Visual Deception

Soldiers set up dummy aircraft to deceive enemy intelligence
18th September 2023

Curator's Choice: SOE Agents

A true-to-life portrayal of the work of the Special Operations Executive
5th June 2023

Curator's Choice: D-Day

Disembarking at Sword Beach on D-Day
24th April 2023

The Great War: Western Front

The definitive First World War strategy game featuring the IWM collections
21st April 2023

Coronation of King Edward VII

Take a trip through history to watch coronation ceremonies of monarchs past
30th March 2023

Curator's Choice: Noel Coward

Curator Fiona Kelly highlights a film to mark the 50th anniversary of Noel Coward's death
5th December 2022

Licensing Projects 2022

IWM's archive has been used in feature films, TV, exhibitions, and more.
10th November 2022

Armistice Day, 1920

King George V unveils Cenotaph in ceremony combined with repatriation of Unknown Warrior.
8th November 2022

SAS: Rogue Heroes

Who were the real SAS Rogue Heroes? View rarely-seen archive footage of the elite force.
9th September 2022

Curator's Choice: Saving Fuel

Second World War British Ministry of Information newsreel trailer
21st June 2022

Order and license film stills from the IWM collections

Capture unique historic moments with our bespoke film stills service
16th June 2022

Archive at the Movies 2022

IWM are proud suppliers of archive footage to feature-length films
16th May 2022

Archive on TV

Archive footage and stills can bring your documentary or production alive. Here are some highlights of recent collaborations.