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10th December 2021

Licensing projects 2021

Footage and images licensed from the IWM collections has appeared in many notable projects for television and more.
9th December 2021

Remembering the Second World War Cameramen

IWM is the official repository of the film and photographs shot by the Army Film and Photographic Unit
29th November 2021

Solving the mystery of an unknown Somme hero

Secrets of the Imperial War Museum is a new six-part documentary series
21st October 2021

COI 75: Armed Forces Recruitment Films

Take a trip back in time with newly digitised Central Office of Information films
14th October 2021

Curator’s Choice: West Indies Calling

Film Curator Fiona Kelly highlights a film in the IWM Collections for Black History Month
7th September 2021

New HD clip supply offer

IWM Film website upgrade: self-selection and authorised download of HD clips
3rd August 2021

Curator's Choice: The British Army at Your Service

Film Curator Michelle Kirby highlights a newly-digitised Halas and Batchelor film.
21st June 2021

Central Office of Information: 75 years

Explore films produced by the UK government's communications agency
17th June 2021

Digitisation on Demand

Access hidden gems in IWM's collections with our on-demand digitisation service
21st January 2021

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

Award-winning lost masterpiece of British documentary cinema Blu-ray/DVD re-release
19th October 2020

Digital Futures

IWM embarking on five-year digitisation project to preserve Cold War era collections
21st July 2020

Showreel: VJ Day Celebrations

VJ Celebrations of 1945 caught on film
20th June 2020

Curator's Choice: The Blitz

Senior Film Curator Jane Fish highlights footage of London under fire
6th May 2020

Archive in Action: VE Day 2020 Commemorations

VE Day programming featuring IWM licensed content
24th April 2020

Bringing in the Harvest

British public information films encouraging volunteers to take a 'holiday' on a farm.
20th April 2020

Inspiration for the nation: your morning exercise routine

Joe Wicks 1940s style PT workout
23rd January 2020

Showreel: VE Day Celebrations

VE Day celebrations in London on film
13th January 2020

Curator's Choice: Salvage Saves Shipping

An animated short about recycling